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Likes: fantasy, science-fiction, fashion, salad & fresh or dried fruits! :)
Dislikes: animals being enslaved, killed & exploited for fun, food or human greed! :(


Published Works & Current Project(s):

> Comic "Die Zwerge" for Splitter Verlag (see links below for details - GERMAN LANGUAGE)
: Book 1 "Die Zwerge - Tungdil" is in store now!
- - - Get it here: [SPLITTER] or at [AMAZON].
: Book 2 "Die Zwerge - Der Thronanwärter".
- - - Get it here: [SPLITTER] or at [AMAZON].

Cover of DIE ZWERGE - TUNGDIL   Cover Preview of DIE ZWERGE Book 2  

Book 1 of 4 - in stores now!


Book 2 of 4 - in stores now!


> Comic & Short Story in "UMRAY" Science-Fiction Anthology for Papierverzierer Verlag
: In store now!
- - - Get your copy here: [AMAZON].

UMRAY Anthologie
On sale now!




Here is a small selection of my favorite questions:

Q1: Can you make an illustration / a design for me?

Yes I probably could do so. If you are interested in making serious business go to my CONTACT PAGE and chose a way to contact me.

Q2: How much costs ...?

Make sure to be well prepared before asking for a price. I need detailed information about your project to give quick resonse or calculate a price. Also think about the copyrights you need. The more information you can provide the better.

Q3: I had sent you a message via facebook/deviantart and now I'm waiting for your response. How long do I have to wait for an answer from you?

The best way for a quick and direct contact is via phone or e-mail. Please use the contact data provided in my CONTACT PAGE. If you don't get an answer from me within a few days please try again.
PLEASE NOTE: I use facebook & deviantart to get in touch and interact with you from time to time.
I want to give you the chance to share your thoughts about my work, art and other stuff and with me.
I will not use facebook or other platforms to treat mails considering serious business.

Q4: I had sent you an friend request on facebook, but you didn't add me to your friends. Why?

Have we ever met in real life? Do you use your real name? Do you use a photo of yourself from which I can recognize you?
If not: please at least add a message to your request where you introduce yourself and write where we have met before so I can recognize you.
You can always follow my facebook artist page: @skizzofren

Q5: Can you sign/add a small drawing to a book/print for me If I will send it to you?

No, sorry. If you live close to the place where I live we may meet. Otherwise I'm afraid you have to wait until one of the next signing sessions. I will announce any date and place where you will have the chance to meet me. Follow me at [facebook] to make sure you won't miss any date.

Q7: What happend with

You may wonder about because you came here using that adress. Don't worry you are in the right place! CHE-RIGAS ROSSIÉ is SKIZZOFREN! I am the owner of since 2005 and nothing will change about that. However in the future & will stand for different content so I felt it is time to split up with my alter ego. More to be announced when time has come.

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